Spacious and welcoming

The Grizzly is the most characteristic of the Grizzly Haus rooms. The ceiling has wooden beams retained during the recent renovation and the floor is of larch wood. These features make the room warm and welcoming. Red and brown are the main colours in the room, recalling the coat of the Grizzly bear.

The room is distinguished by its portrait of  a grizzly bear and by its opaque white ceramic suspension lamps  that represent squirrels intent on chasing an acorn. At 27 square meters wide, the Grizzly has the most spacious bathroom in the establishment, with a large floor shower.Bathrobes, soft towels, cotton slippers and an organic bath set are available to guests to guarantee natural well-being.

There are two types of pillow available. One is of fresh natural fibres packed with pine wood shavings which release a pleasant balsamic essence for comfort and to ease breathing; the other is of soft goose down and offers gentle support for relaxation  and sound sleep.
In winter, soft fleece blankets and  hot water bottles are available for guests who are particularly sensitive to the cold.
The room is equipped with a Nespresso® coffee machine, 32-inch LED HD Ready television, hairdryer and free wifi connection.